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Feb 25, 2009

Build some trust

Building Trust is a four step process repeated over and over..
  1. Find out what is important to the other person
  2. Make a promise to do something on their behalf
  3. Do what you promised
  4. Check & make sure they are satisfied
If this four step process is completed once, he or she will open up for future encounters. Based on their experience, they now have a reason to "trust" you. A foundation of long term loyalty and success.


Priya said...

I and 2 is something like running waters. U can never fulfill a persons wish and wanting to know what is important is boundless. To promise something which u cannot on their behalf, is trying to snatch their identity.

krystyna said...

"Love all, but trust only few"

I think that first step is - trust yourself.

Anly the best for yopu!

krystyna said...

sorry -
"only" the best for you!