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Mar 15, 2009

Be the winner you were born to be

Want to be a winner in life, practicing these might assist you in your quest for the success...
  1. Never judge the day by weather
  2. Always lookout for the good in every situation and every person
  3. Greet people properly, weather on the telephone or in person
  4. Identify the Go Lights (Not Stop Lights) of life for what they really are
  5. Take care of your physical body
  6. Daily feed the mind with good, clean, pure & positive
  7. Take time to be quiet to recharge the batteries
  8. Spend time with those you love
Remember, what you get in life is not as important as what you will become in quest for reaching your objectives

wish u best of luck!


Tathiana Sobroza said...

hello Yazi, am glad to be back at blogger and read your posts again. :)

I've read a message today that talks about the happiness we have when counsciously making decisions and building our future. And that's so true.

Now, reading your post, I really like those advices to be a winner in life. Very inspiring!

Have a great week!

nadia said...

That's a very nice and inspiring list, Yazi. Thank you so much for sharing :)