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Jan 19, 2007

Ten Emotions to Practice

I think these emotions are worth trying to live by...

Love & Warmth
Appreciate & Grateful
Excitement & Passionate
Flexibility *
Being Cheerful
Feeling Healthy
Sense of Contribution

Imagine how our life will change if we practice these on daily basis.* I think this is very important, which one you think might the important to you?
Add yours to list and raise the level to experience life to its fullness.


Maria said...

Those are good.

Empathy is an important one, too.

Maria said...

But .. it just occurred to me, would that really count as an emotion? Hmmmmm, not sure.

Maria said...

It's fajr time:

I deleted the next comment twice, because both of the times, I made an error. Talk about lack of sleep.
Catch ye later!

Tathiana Sobroza said...

Flexibility is so important! Even more is the measure of it.
I believe it makes you see things in a different way.
It brings to your life patience, compassion and self-understanding.
Good post of yours! :o)

neda said...

hmmm... maybe determination is what i need to have now, not in kilos but tons of it!

nice thoughts, difficult to practice though...

neda said...

i meant 'for me', it's not all that easy

Tathiana Sobroza said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention an important thing (not exactly about this post though, but certainly about your blog).

Thanks a lot for the link! It was a sweeeeet surprise! :o)