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Jan 22, 2007

Rewarding inner child

Inside each human resides three separate egos that makes up ones unique personality. We all have parent-like ego, adult-like ego, and child-like ego which acts much same way as our parents, adults and children do in real life.

Adult Ego in us is what keeps us going like getting to work on time, providing food & shelter to family, being responsible etc.

Parent Ego in us is what take cares of us, like eating healthy food, taking rest, tieing your own shoes, brush teeth etc. It is the desire in us that takes care of us.

Child Ego in us acts the same was as child does, which begs for attention, needs love, hugs and acts out when its needs are not met. It carves for rewards after success.

Our child-like ego is the most sensitive ones, if a parent tells a child who's asking for ice cream or candy that mom is doing her report due in 20 minutes after that we will go and get some ice cream. A child will usually calm down and wait till 20 minutes.

Big part of our life is rewarding our self after our accomplish. When you tell the child inside you to wait till the job is finished. It will wait till that end, but when we tend to neglect it only then it starts to sabotage our efforts by doing things like getting us sick, having accidents, making mistakes, forcing us to take break, vacation, rest, thus further distancing us from our desired result. So this need is very important to satisfy..

wishing you better day than good, good luck!

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