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May 15, 2007

Consistency circle

the circle, you start with:
  • making better choices everyday
  • which develops better habits
  • that builds better character
  • makes you more valuable
  • that will attract you bigger, better opportunities
  • which allows you to give and contribute more
  • which in turns brings you bigger & better rewards
Some people in life are high achievers who under the mist of all that surrounds them will still come at top. It all starts with making simple better habits each day, each step feeds itself to another step and before you know it all the worthwhile stuff starts showing up in your life. Just because you made a simple better choice today, that developed good habit.

Positive mind will not get you everything, but it will get you anything you desire. It will give you vision, it will give you opportunity to look into how to go about achieving whatever you want to.

hope all are good. i had strained my back few days back but now doing good. It sure is good to be moving freely again! (:


priya said...

Simple things in life makes me happy;)

krystyna said...

Hi Yazi! Thanks that your back is well now. Take good care/ I know you'll take.
Consistency in good habits is a base to live happy, healthy life. It is simple, but simple things often are displaying as a difficulties.

`NEFTY said...


mystic rose said...

It is good to be moving freely agian after spraining something.

Its then we realise how wonderfully well everything in our body works.. :). and without our conscious thought to make it so.

a better choice today.. yes!

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

It is all about 'when preparation meets opportunity'.

pink hippo said...


Hope everything is fine with you. :)

Last year,I hurt my back too while at work. And now it still hurts at times.

Health is wealth, take good care of yourself.

Yazi said...

Thanks everyone for your kind get well wishes.

I am doing good now and fully recovered. I should be posting and more active on the blogs now.

Have a great one you all!!