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May 21, 2007

Don't delay, start now

A human being has an incredible capacity and ability to overcome life's greatest challenges. Embrace the reality and use it next time you are faced with a challenging situation.

It is critical that you understands that the confidence grows by doing, not by thinking. You can think all you want but you will not achieve anything unless you act upon it. Only actions in life produces results. To produce different result will require you to change something. It all starts with you. Until you change, nothing will change around. Procrastination is a one way ticket to staying stuck. It's an excuse not to perform. So don't delay, start now. Take a small single step towards whatever you want and before you know you will be in a rhythm to achieve what you have set out to.

hope all are doing great, i been slacking (procrastinating :( i must say) lately here but I am fully recovered from my back injury and should be moving around more freely on blogger (:


pria said...

Its good to see all those positive thoughts and motivation from your post.

krystyna said...

Hi Yazi!
Great messages in your post today. I so needed this motivation.
Good luck and happiness to you!

pinkhippo said...


Glad to know that you are doing well and have fully recovered from your back injury!