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Apr 28, 2007

Confidence building

Few confidence building measures that are worth trying. I am sure you can add more..
  • Everyday remind yourself you do things well. Like everyone else you have your qualities, there are things you do better than others
  • Read inspiring biographies & autobiographies. It will inspire you, there are lots of people who have made it, starting from nothing.
  • Be thankful. There's always someone worse off than you out there, regardless of your circustances
  • Build excellent support around you. Positive, supportive mind people who instead of bogging you down they push you up.
  • Push your self to accomplish short term goals. This will put you in momentum and you will start seeing yourself as a finisher.
  • Do something for yourself every week. Take a message, sit in hot tub, buy yourself flowers or that couple scopes of ben & jerry.
hope you are having great weekend, I been soooo busy with stuff here but glad to be back to blogging (:


Queenie said...

What a great list, I will be following it ASP

Nabeel said...

wow .. so much stuff for confidence building .. we just gotta go in and do the things that we are afraid of, that's the most effective way.

Elween said...

be thankful is the best of all. often give thx to people and God really brightens up our days. :)

Tathiana Sobroza said...

Hi Yazi,

Very good post.I believe it is essencial to know yourself very well, to be able to potentialize your qualities and improve your weaknesses.

BTW, I've found difficulty again to comment in your blog. The window didn't open for me during the weekend.

Take care!

Yazi said...

Thanks everyone!

@ Tathi, thats strange, i wonder if any of other visitors are having any issue making comment...?

could be something to do with blogger, because I haven't done any changes to the settings.

good day all!

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

I truly believe in a short term goal, first thing first, step by step and you will often achieve a BIG goals in this manner.

Top cat said...

Thanks for the positive messages, some of these are very easy and if we practice them, they become easier.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

mystic rose said...

whose biographies have inspired you? would like to know..

krystyna said...

I was sure that I put my comment here, and I see that not.
Smart post!!