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Mar 9, 2007

Emotions, our choice?

Positive & Negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time, one must dominate other. And it is up to us to decide which one to promote..
7 major negative emotions to avoid:
  • fear
  • jealousy
  • hatred
  • revenge
  • greed
  • superstition
  • anger
7 major positive emotions:
  • Desire
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Enthusiasm
  • Romance
  • Hope


Annelisa said...

I was trying to work out if 'sex' is an emotion. I thought it physical, and 'desire' as the emotion...but maybe you're right, and it is an emotion all on its own.

I see you found my head-shave blog :-) I haven't really been doing anything on that since the New Year. My 'main' blog is Words that Flow (That's where you came before)... though I'm on a writing (NaNoWriMo) haitus, at the moment, and only posting photos...

I linked you up there some time ago :-)

krystyna said...

Hi Yazi!
I love positive emotions and promote them, but sometimes negative came without permission.
Have a great weekend!
I wish you only positive emotions!

priya said...

Hey Yazi,

That was beautiful. Wonder we all keep searching which is so minute and invisible to us.

Maria said...

OK so, I have all those negative emotions, what now? ab kya hoga? =P

Yazi said...

Thanks for all your comments... (:

Maria, do you also have anything for the other list at all, i am wondering.... lolx :)

priya said...

@maria: Just as joy and sorrow emotions are both sides. Nothing wrong in having it. But it shud never hurt others feelings for the cause to get it done.

mystic rose said...

indeed..most times, we can choose what wwe feel.