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Mar 14, 2007

Higher up in charge

Good morning,
This is God.
I will be handling
All of your
Problems today.
I will not need
Your help, so have
A miraculous day.

No! God did not send me this. While back I came across this little but powerful piece. Some times when under the stress of work, full time job & all other commitments to life I loose my focus. I look at this peace, offer a little prayer & remind myself that everything is as planned. I might be lost, but he up there knows what he's doing...

what are some of your ways to get back on track? seems like every third day i loose my focus, the higher purpose in life that I aspire.

hav better day than good. signing off ~/


priya said...

Everything is not planned yazi. We takes life as it comes.

You should read about focus groups then and know more about it.

Regarding comments to have at side bar check my blog credits and they have all instructions how to do it.

Elween said...

it is good to often remind ourselves that our fate and life is not under our control :)

Tathiana Sobroza said...

Wow, that's beautiful Yazi.

There is no greater thing than God for our lives.

But there is something else that also helps me when facing hard times. It's thinking that it could be worse. I feel it helpful cause it reminds me to be more thankful. :o)

Take care!

Akelamalu said...

Hi yazi, thanks for dropping by my blog and your lovely comments.

What a lovely idea, I will remember it when I'm feeling lost and don't know what to do, thanks. :)

mystic rose said...

:). thats a nice reminder!

Annelisa said...

There's that saying, isn't there: " To have the serentity to accept the things I can't change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference"

The simplicity of your 'message from God' has the same, wise feeling about it, Yazi!