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Aug 5, 2007

5 Cs of successful communication

Pat Croce an author and sales speaker came up with 5 C's of successful communication. I thought its worth sharing them.

Clear - speaking straight, in black or white avoids assumptions, and lets your directives, directions, instructions and interpretations come through clearly.

Concise - Rambling on and on shuts off listeners and jeopardizes the important messages you are trying to convey.

Consistent - Nothing frustrates people more than if you change your message to meet the moods of the day. Don't let other person you talk to sway what you are going to say. Make up your mind and convey it clearly.

Credible - A message must be credible. People have a nose for sniffing out implausible statements and ideas.

Courteous - Simple words and phrases such as "hello," "please," "excuse me," are some of the most important and effective expressions in the English language. Use them as often as you can. It doesn't take much effort to be courteous and to demonstrate respect to others.

I think that is some good start for better communication. For any relationship to develop and prosper it is must to have good communication. Understanding only develops for communicating. I personally have had unsuccessful times with others and if I can pin point to the cause I can certainly say when the communication link broke that's when my relationship with others deteriorated. Now I emphasis more on communicating successfully.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, have a even better week ahead... take care/


pink ginger 珂琳 said...

In Singapore, '5 Cs' is the main criteria when Singapore Women looking for a partner :

1)Cash 2)Condominium 3)Car
4)Club membership 5)Credit card.

how sad...

Yazi said...

thanks ginger :)

whats next in their relationship??

Communication Lapses, Conflicts, Courts trips...?? lol

glad to see you back from vacation PG!!!

alee said...

hey yazi, thanks for liking the my blog :)