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Aug 11, 2007

Say "no" to "no"

Through my experience, I thought this might be something to write upon.. sometimes we should opt to say no to no.

Problem with answering questions or request with the word "no," is that it can set off a chain of negative events. Therefore, the next time you're tempted to say "no," consider that there is usually an alternative "yes." For example, if someone asks you to help out with a problem, it's better to refer them to someone who can lend a hand rather than say you can't help.

It has amazed me how many times we try to get through to others without any success. Remember, not answering your emails and voice mails is usually taken as an implied "no." Making it a policy to acknowledge the message in a reasonable amount of time, which will build goodwill and show you are attentive to others' needs. It can also earn some respect and appreciation.

Its a wonderful weekend,
better day than good, signing off yazi~/

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pinkhippo said...

yazi - when I say no, it means no and I dont give implied "No" by not replying my emails or sms. I think is it very rude to behave that way.

It is nice if we are able to give our friend a alternate solution when we say no. Thanks