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Jul 6, 2007

One step closer

Every choice you will ever make in life will be "best guess" among alternatives. According to some experts, your decisions will be wrong or partially wrong 70 percent of the time or more. Your life will be a continual series of mistakes & errors. Thus everything you will do will be subject to two step forward and one step back.

This confirms you will make progress & Regress, succeed & fail, will be up & down, have your moments of triumphs & defeats, and will make good & bad decisions in life. This is a process that goes along with life.

Those who are successful in life never commits same mistake twice. They are analytical and always ask questions like what did I do right, wrong & what will I do next time differently. You can never fail in life if you learn from the mistakes you make. Each failure, defeat in life is the greatest lesson you will have to achieve the success you desire. Thus you can never fail, unless you quit.

hope u all having great summer, cheers~/


Camplin said...

This also applies to emergant properties. When earily bacteria was on this planet, it created O2 as a waste product. Well, so much waste was created that it killed off most of the earily bacteria, but this helped pave the way for O2 breathing creatures. O2 creatures could become more complex. Life started on this planet, nearly wiped itself out, but in the end paved the way for more complex creatures like ourselves. This makes a half step back for a gaint step forward.

pinkhippo said...

Human being made mistakes, but the important thing is that we must learn from our mistakes.

Have a wonderful summer!