s e e d a b r a i n

Jul 8, 2007

A sane person

A healthy, normal person sees himself as responsible for his own life. He does not blame his problems or his life situation on anyone but himself. He will never complain or criticize otherse who are more successful, or condemns people for doing well. If he is not happy with his situation, he gets busy and takes action to improve it. He never blames other people for his own personal problems.

Ever wonder what type of person are you? It is very important in life to hang around the right people.

wishing you better than good week ahead ;) signing off, yazi~/


tulipspeaks said...

hmm.. well i think its it takes an ideal person to do all above, which i doubt can happen.

wht u say?


Yazi said...

I agree it does take an ideal person!

but when we take full responsibility of our situation I think we tell ourself regardless of whatever the circustances are we can make it better with what we have and where we are..

we can never change anyone else, we can only change our own self. We can oly inspire disire in another person by being at our best.

hope you are doing great tulip! :)
take care...

yazi ~/

pria said...

Wish I knew the secret of myself :))