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Jan 7, 2007

Living in the moment

"He who neglects the present moment throws away all he has!"

There's saying if you want to live with guilt live and hold on to your past. If you want to live in fear and uncertainty live in future. The statement is so true. A lot of us hold down to our past that we don't realize and live life to our fullness. When one door closes, another opens somewhere else but we keep looking at the door that closed so long to never realize the opportunities that come around.

Life is about being in present moment, past is history and future is not guaranteed to anyone. All we have is today to live in, make best out of present situation and what you will have tomorrow is a happy past and more hopeful, prosperous future to look forward to.

All life is collection of present moment's summed together to make our experiences, and shape our future. If we can somehow start living our life in this moment we will definitely have a good past and a bright future to look forward to.

go start living your life in this moment & I will see you at top tomorrow. signing off ~/

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