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Mar 30, 2009

Become less controlling

A person who is controlling carries a great deal of stress, not because he/she is concerned with his/her own choices & behavior, but also in addition they think of others to behave & perform in certain way. Occasionally, we can influence other person, but we certainly can't force them to be certain way

Controlling people lack the willingness to allow other people to be fully themselves, give them space to be who they are, and to respect-really respect the fact that human beings are different.

The advantage of being less controlling is that people will feel easier and respected around your presence. Plus their will be less stress on you to feel the need to have people be the way to fit the image that you have of them..

Remember, Don't take yourself so damn serious (this is a link to previous post)


Eel Wind said...

some people are born to be control-freak. it's an inborn thing, like how our XX and XY genes are selected. sometimes it's got to have these people around, to test our patience. ;)

thanks for visiting!! long time no see ;)

Tathiana Sobroza said...

"Don't take yourself so damn serious"... I should read this every single day. LOL. :)

tulipspeaks said...

sometimes people think being 'in-control' will shine their leadership capabilities. what u think about that?


Yazi said...

thanks all

@tulips yeah being in control of things, work, projects shows leadership capabilities, but I think being demanding and controlling people is not ideal. I think one must earn through his/her own actions not by pushing/forcing people to get them to do something he/she desires