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Apr 4, 2007

Don't take yourself so damn serious

LOL @ my header, yeah that's something I have started to practice.
In The Fire from Within, Carlos Castaneda hear these words from his teacher "self-importance is man's greatest enemy, it requires that one spend most of one's life offended by something or someone." It is important for us to have strong self-concept, feeling good about our self, but the problems arises when we start misidentifying on basis of what we have or don't have, achievements, accomplishments etc. Cutting down on some of these ego driven needs can make our life a lot easier..
  • being offended ~ that what offends you weakens you
  • need to win ~ you are not your winnings or victories. Loss is not a loss if you learn from it
  • need to be right ~ do you want to be right or happy?
  • need to be superior ~ nobility isn't being better than others, its being better than what you use to be
  • need to have more ~ no matter how much you get, you will always want more
  • Identifying on bases of achievements ~ if these are what defines you, then what happens if you don't have em
  • Reputation ~ It lies in the eyes of others (what you think of me is non of my business)
hope you are having great time, its gorgeous out here about 80 degrees sunny. I am going to head out & enjoy ;-)


Elween said...

do you mean that "don't take yourself so damn serious" after all the 7 code of practices? ehm...very contradicting..

Akelamalu said...

If you can laugh at yourself the world with laugh with you, not at you!

Yazi said...

@elween what I mean by that is we tend to take our ego so high, set standards that we must meet. If we don't come up to them then we are in state of crisis, out of focus. those 7 suggestions are something to cut down on because they are pretty much part of our ego self which does not define us.

Thanks for swinging by u all! (;

Elween said...

ths for the clarification. sounds very convincing now. :)

sunnyD said...

lol dude its not reputation, its character salay!