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Jul 23, 2008

Love people

What? Love people? That.s right! Why? Because if you are going to get to the top, u are going to need other people to help you out. Be a jerk and you will find people dragging their feet on you. Treat them right and you will find them helping you and even cheering you on!

Perhaps a course or two on interpersonal relationship to sharpen up communicating skills will not be a bad idea. After all we need people, people bring us in this world, people feed us, people pay us, people work with us, people make relationships with us, you get the point!

have a great day! (:


nadia said...

This is so true. We won't be able to go anywhere and achieve our dreams unless we treat others well.

Accept it or not, we're totally dependent on a lot of people.

Tazeen said...

but it is sooooo hard to love people, they are so difficult to love... well most of them

Laila Hussein said...

I don't agree with you on the point that we should love people just to get what we want. This is still not love and a little egoistic I find. Relationships for me mean much more than just profit.

Yazi said...

@ nadia, thx for visit, as a quote says :)

@ Tazeen, yeah it hard because we all are different, and getting along with people who might have treated bad in past is hard. Thanks

@ Laila, thx for visit n comment, Love here was used in a sense of respecting, being polite, and following the golden rule of life, treat others the way you want them to treat you. You seem focusing about relationships in particular, i was talking about in general we need people to succeed so it might help us to show politeness, niceness & care towards em.

wish you all better day than good!!

Queenie said...

I try to love most folks, but there are some that make it a hard task!!!!