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Aug 1, 2008

Reap what you propagate

When you treat a person the way they are, the will stay the way they are

When you treat a person the way you want them to be, they might become what they should be...

Continuing the thought from previous post, there is no alternate to get someone to do what you like them to do. You must treat them right, if you want them to treat you right. Ironically you control the outcome to any relationship. It is up to you to change the outcome if you are not getting what you are looking for out of any endeavor. Please see KFC to get further insight on that. You are quite powerful. Some people might argue that people are stubborn, difficult to change etc. But what are the chances you will ever get them to do what you like them to do any other way?

have a great weekend u all!

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Priya said...

So true, what goes around.. comes around.