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Jun 19, 2007

Make a little more

There is nothing as something for nothing. It is not possible for anyone to be paid more bucks for doing less. It is not possible for labor to continually charge more to employer than he or she contributes in value. To sum it up, person reaps only what he or she sows. No more no less.
The only solution for people to get higher paying, beneficial jobs is to continually keep working on upgrading their skills and acquiring more knowledge. When one makes such a commitment in life and does to attain it only than he or she can enjoy the benefit's and rewards that comes with it.
Next time you are looking for raise, ask your self Am I doing little more than my job description to be paid more than what I am getting paid now? If you are not than there is no reason for anyone to pay you more.

Thanks, have a great day! Great to be back :)
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Queenie said...

Where have you been, began to get worried. Good post, trouble is not all employers help you with this.

krystyna said...

Just say Hi!
I'll be back!Interesting post! Glad you came back!
Take care!

Yazi said...

Hi all, thanks for welcoming me back :)

@queenie i agree not all employers see the effort. but if your employers is not seeing it, someone somewhere will see you doing great job and will want to pay you more for what you do.

@Kystyna, thanks, i was away but we were in constant touch, good :)