s e e d a b r a i n

Jan 17, 2007


Have you ever wondered the last six words a~c~t~i~o~n. The world "Satis" in Latin comes from "enough". What the ancients Romans realized way back was the simple fact that the enough action will produce end result satisfaction.

A lot of people spend a lot of time planning, preparing, all these are good but don't get in state of analysis paralysis. Once you set your aim, the key it to start moving, take actions toward your aim. Once you set in motion, you start moving towards your goal and it starts moving towards you. Along the way there will be difficulties, setbacks, but if you are determined and take enough action you will meet the ultimate satisfaction!

wishing you better than good day or something better../


Maria said...


'Determination' just might lead you to your goal, but it's not necessarily satisfying or end in "ultimate satisfaction" -- not always, or so I think at least.

But a good one, yet agian =P

Yazi said...

as always, thanks for you comment Maria (:
well yeah you are right, we all have different way to come up with what the satisfaction means to us ..
I wanted to convey that we need to start moving, taking action, try, as Einstein put it "try enough times till you run out of options to fail"