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Dec 11, 2006

Forget balance, Creat tension & Change

"Without Change
there can be no progress
Without progress there can be no future."

Changing is never easy; I always had my fears whenever I thought about changing myself, thus getting out of my comfort zone. Most of us tap into our comfor zone and stay there as long as there's no major event, circumstances that come out in our life and threatens our comfort. Only then are we willing to get out and work hard. But the life doesn't have to be lived that way, it does not have to wait till you are faced with such a decision like life threatening illness, divorce etc. for you to get out, change and live the life to its fullness.

In order to be someone you have never been or to get something you have never had, you are going to have to be someone you have never been or do something you have never done. Only challanges will make you better, if you are not learning you are not growing, so forget balance, create some tension and change...

wishing you better than good day!

signing off/

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