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Apr 13, 2007

4 D it

To get time in the mist of busy life you have to set priorities. Putting out fires all day long is not a healthy strategy. Whenever you have to do something or not do something a choice have to be made. To focus on your priorities The 4-D it options might come in handy.
  1. Dump it Learn to say "No I choose not to do it" & be firm
  2. Delegate it The things are needed to be done, but someone else can do it or maybe do it better than you. I cook well so I will cook while you can take care of cleaning the home.
  3. Defer it These things can wait, the things you have to do but you don't have to do them now.
  4. Do it These are important things, projects that must get the attention right now. So get started on them. These are projects, stuff that will bring you the most success.
A lot of people major in minor things. They have not decided what they want to do in life, where they are going or what is their vision for the future. I think being clear, setting priorities and firm guidelines is vital to the successful outcome.

wishing you wonderful weekend, hav a good time (:

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Akelamalu said...

I like your 4Ds.

Have a great weekend.