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Apr 14, 2007

An Open Invitation ! Lets Give

Yazi here, along with iGive.com,
inviting you to change YOUR online shopping
into support for a truly worthy cause.

I'm supporting Zindagi Trust
just by shopping online for brand-name stuff
at over 687 well-known online stores.
And I'm getting free deals and coupons just by
being an iGive.com member. If you join iGive.com
and make a purchase within 45 days from one of
687 or so participating stores, iGive.com
will donate $5 FREE to your favorite worthy cause!

1. Join to Support Zindagi Trust
It's FREE, private, & easy.

2. Shop the Mall at iGive.com
You'll see familiar stores like Lands' End,
Office Depot, JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, Expedia,
Barnes & Noble, and eBay to mention just a few!

3. Watch the $$ roll in for Zindagi Trust!
Up to 26% of EACH purchase gets donated!

Remember, shop within 45 days of joining,
and get an extra $5 donation, FREE.
(This is a limited time offer!)

Use this link to JOIN FOR FREE and begin supporting
Zindagi Trust:

Giving is very important and in such a way as iGive does it will not even effect your pocket. If you are shopping online than why not go through something like iGive where they will donate portion of your spending towards your supporting causes. The donation can be from 2% to 7%. How is it free, they earn commission for you going through their site & pay from that to the choice of your charity. If you are shopping online then why not, it doesn't cost you.

I am ordering the stuff for my office, my boss tells me to order something from Staples.com I use iGive to go to Staples site & purchase stuff. It does not cost me anything, not a penny to my boss, but does help someone somewhere. Pretty easy, huh..

Remember whatever you give multiplies and come back to you!

if you decided to give iGive a try, use my link up why because my supported organization gets $5 and yours get $5. A win win for us!

wishing you better day than good...../ yazi~/


Dancewithme2 said...

Thanks for stopping by!!! Come back anytime.

Anonymous said...

If you like igive, you'll love HEARTof.com. HEARTof.com and igive work similarly, have about the same numebr of stores, but HEARTof.com is much more generous. On average, HEARTof.com donates about twice the percentage of purchase prices as igive. That's a big difference for you and your cause!

Elween said...

this is such a great concept of helping others. you have my moral support though i can't be there to chip in!

krystyna said...

Hi Yazi.
Remember whatever you give multiplies and come back to you!.
True words.
Thanks for invitation. I'll be try.
Good luck to you!

My main blog is this. I updated it about once/week or once/2weeks.

krystyna said...

My main blog:
Evolve your Spirit-Mind-Body