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Apr 19, 2007


Now don't say Oh no!

Ever since i have committed my self to regular fitness & exercise I have improved my results dramatically in job, school, with other people around me. Every now and then when I tell someone in family etc, they would be like "WHAT you don't need no gym, exercise". I remind them the purpose of it is not always to loose weight. Good question might be to ask them do you want to live rich, healthy life where you enjoy greater vitality and quality of life?

When you live in a home you take care of it, just like that God has give a home to our soul and we should take care of it all time. Here are some of the benefits of you will enjoy by regular exercise workout..
  • improved sleeping habits
  • increased energy levels
  • less stress and anxiety
  • protection against injury
  • a healthy posture
  • relieve from any digestive disorders
  • enhanced self-image
  • expanded longevity
One can probably add many more to the list here. The bottom line is we should all make commitment to making exercise as a part of our daily routine.


Akelamalu said...

I agree regular exercise does definitely make you feel better. Now where's that TV remote control? :)

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

thanks for sharing. you remind me to put on my gear and do some exercise in this weekend.

mystic rose said...

you ARE right.. exercise i think increases the adrenaline levels..

and certainly makes you happier, more alert, you sleep better.. al those.

Anonymous said...

great post i love to be a healthy man and my brain whould be healthy too.


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