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Dec 10, 2006

Finally Alive

...wow and here I am. Amazing for last 6 months or so I have been thinking about going live. having my own blog, diary, whatever to get the world inside me out. Always in my life I have felt that I am a lot more than what I demonstrate. Guess; have heard my inner voice "don't die". I want to use this opportunity to talk about all my passion, hunger, and the quest from making from mediocrity to something more rewarding, purposeful. My prayers have been answered, when you take a tiny step toward your God, he takes a Godly step towards you.

Ever thought about living life with a purpose? For some time I have been thinking about the course of my life, the direction it is heading to. I realized all the things that are working or not working; somehow I have attracted them to my life. In this world, either you are living your dream or you are living someone else dream. Rather than blaming others, circumstances, or thinking that we have been dealt a wrong hand, it is much more beneficial to ask what is in me that is causing this all?

So here I am, have set the course of my ship of life with rudder (finally, haha) with a purpose of designing my life...

signing off... yazi/

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