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Sep 14, 2008


"There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread." Mother Teresa

This is such a powerful statement because appreciation is such a powerful tool and when people are appreciated, it brings about a huge sense of accomplishment, value, power and happiness in their life. Great thing about appreciation is its easy, you just have to look into positives and inspiring work of others.

Think about who you have not appreciated lately; parents, siblings, coworkers, neighbor etc, time to pay them a trip of gratitude.

hope you all had great weekend!

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tulipspeaks said...

just read solitare's post..something similar.

guess we tend to take our loved ones of granted bcoz we think that they will always be there no matter how we treat them. i think that is the simple reason y most of us behave like this.

but the truth is.. they won't be there forever..