s e e d a b r a i n

Dec 1, 2010

mostly we r where we r liked

Mom: John wake up and go to school.
John: Ok Mom, mom walks out of room and John goes back to school
15 minutes later Mom comes back
Mom: JHON wake up and go to school
John: The truth is I don’t want to go to school
Mom: Why not?
John: there are 100 teachers, 100 counselors and 2000 students and none of them likes me. Give me one good reason to go to school mom.
Mom: I give you 2 good reasons:
1. You are 43 years old.
2. You are the Principle of the school.

Amazingly,we like to be around people, places where we are liked. Likeibility is a BIG thing. this does not mean we are not responsible for making ourself more likeable!

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