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Feb 8, 2007

Words of Authority

A lot of us have habit of throwing out words on others without giving it much thought and impact they might have on others.

Successful people on other hand are masters of their words, they know that if they don't take authority over their words, their words will take authority over them. They consistently practice the words that build self esteem, self confidence, relationships & dreams. Following words of affirmation, encouragement, appreciation, love, acceptance, possibility & wisdom will regularly visualize in their conversations.

I think when you speak with the words of authority, you not only have power over yourself but also over others. To speak with authority is to speak the words that are true, that uplift and expands others worth.

As you practice these words, you will discover they are basis for all relationships. How I speak to you & about you determines the quality of our relationship!


Tathiana Sobroza said...

We should always analyze how much of our words are worth it to be said.

We would realize, in most cases, that we should speak less and listen more.

Words are powerful! They can build or destroy. We should always remember that.

Good post Yazi. :o)

Annelisa said...

Totally agree. Some use words badly, and it drags them, and others round them, down. But when used wisely, it can bring everyone up...