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Feb 18, 2007

We all need

We all are driven by six needs
  • Certainty (security)
  • Variety (surprises, need for some uncertainty)
  • Significance (importance, am i worthy of love)
  • Connection/Love (we need connections with others & strive for some sort of love)
  • Growth (if one is not growing, they die, growing emotionally, intellectually, spirituality)
  • Contribution (sense of giving something to someone, making difference is someones life)
Most people have 2 important needs out of six, they are the driving force of their life & must be met for them to feel good. If someone rates Certainty over Love & Connection, then no amount of love will make them happy unless they are completely Certain.

The goal should be to find out what are others most important needs & do everything to make sure that they are meeting this in their eyes. You do this and your relationship with any other human beings will prosper!

have a better day than good, signing off.... yazi~/


tulipspeaks said...

a short but thought-provoking post!



Anonymous said...

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mystic rose said...

hmmm..a very thoughtful post. you made me think and i liked it. its so true..once the basics are taken care of..these are indeed the needs of a human being.

awesome! emotionally intelligent. :)