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Jun 17, 2008

Feeling Bad, think again

Major Premise: I control my thoughts
Minor Premise: My feelings comes from my thoughts
Conclusion: I can control my feelings

What this suggests is we as humans have the power to control our mind, our thoughts. Since the feelings comes from the thoughts thus it suggests we can ultimately control how we feel.

Ah haa, next time you are feeling bad, it might be worth to rethink the situation over. Because no one can hurt your feelings unless you let them. Whenever you are hurt by some remarks from others you have to understand that you have taken opinion of others more importantly than you own! Start taking responsibility for what happens to you and how you feel.

wishing you better day than good!


Anonymous said...

Thatz a pretty cool post Yazi. True if u can hurt urself, u will know how it hurts others.


Joyce - words words words said...

thx for the post. Always nice to hear it from time to time